DOH Academy (1)
CPD-Accredited Courses in DOH Academy for Nurses
DOH Academy is an online learning platform managed by the Department of Health. The platform is accessible at
PNA Membership Portal (1)
PNA Membership Registration/Renewal
Be a PNA Member now. The Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. is on the full implementation of the E-Membership System this 2022. This makes the PNA Membership System within R.E.A.C.H (R-eliable, E-fficient,...
Human Resource Management in Health & the Nursing Profession
It is vital that the organization’s need for manpower is carefully evaluated to determine the number of people it needs, their qualities, and qualifications that will contribute to the realization of those...
HR Management in Safeguarding the Welfare of Nursing Staff
The philosophy behind the evolution of Human Resource Management plays a vital role in safeguarding the welfare of the Nursing Staff as an important core element of an organization. To put it simply, a...