Ethical & Legal Dimension of Healthcare

Bridging Current Trends in Nursing Practice

The Philippines’ recommended ratio of nurses to patients is 1:12, but the actual ratio of nurses to patients varies from 1:50 to 1:80, depending on the region of the country. While the nursing workforce continues to deplete, the workloads of those nurses remaining in service continue to increase.

The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002: Where are we now?

On R.A. 9173’s Declaration of Policy (Article II), it was declared that the state is responsible for the protection and improvement of the nursing profession and it is also the state’s responsibility to provide the Filipino people quality basic health services through an adequate nursing personnel system throughout the country.

Filipino Nurses and COVID-19 Vaccine Acquisition

The nobler a decision we have to make, the more people we need to hear for us to have a wider perspective on the issue and to have the needed sensitivity to the ethical implications of our decisions.