CPD-Accredited Courses in DOH Academy for Nurses

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DOH Academy is an online learning platform managed by the Department of Health. The platform is accessible at https://learn.doh.gov.ph/ on computers and mobile devices with an internet connection. The platform offers online courses for health professionals. The courses are self-paced which makes them more accessible for health professionals.

How to Enroll in Courses

One must create an account first to be able to enroll in the available courses. Detailed instructions on how to create an account in DOH Academy are available here. After completion of a course, a Certificate of Participation is awarded. The Certificate of Participation does not show the number of CPD units awarded for that course.

How to Get a Certificate with CPD Units

To get a Certificate of Participation with CPD units indicated on it, a request should be submitted by filling in the Google Form here. Do note that you will be asked to provide a copy of the Certificate of Participation you got. DOH Academy will then send you a new Certificate with CPD units indicated on your registered email address.

Orientation on the Universal Health Care Law2.00
Training on Leadership and Capacity-Building for Cancer Control17.00
Overview of TB and Xpert MTB/Rif Assay1.50
Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19 for Frontline Healthcare Workers in Facility2.50
Supply Chain Management1.50
COVIDKaya Information System Users Training1.00
Healthcare Waste Management 1.00
Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19 (Home and Community Settings)4.00
Lessons and Algorithms on COVID-19 (LEARN COVID) Training 4.00
Module 6: Individual-Based Health Care Packages 2.50
Vaccine Demand Generation and Risk Communication Training 2.45
COVID-19 Vaccination Training Module 4: Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) on COVID-19 Vaccination 1.00
Tanod-Kontra COVID (TKC) COVID-19 Response System3.00
Covid Documents Repository System (CDRS) Users Training1.00
Module 1: Framework and Mandates of Universal Health Care3.15
Primary Care Workers’ Online Orientation4.50
COVID-19 Vaccination Training Module 9: Training Management for COVID-19 Vaccine Trainers0.50
Module 3 Local Health Systems Management Tools2.50
Covid-19 Vaccination Training Module 5: Addressing The Psychological Barriers To Vaccination1.50
COVID-19 Vaccination Training Module 2: Profiling and Data Management for COVID-19 Vaccination0.50
COVID-19 Vaccination Training Module 1: Microplanning and Readiness Assessment Tool1.50
FASSSTER Disease Surveillance and Modeling Toolkit3.00
Introductory Course on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health4.50
Integrated Course on Primary Care5.50
Module 9: Health Information Systems1.50
UPDATED AS OF 9 NOV 2022 | SOURCE: https://bit.ly/CPDDetails

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