Integration of Vision, Mission & Goals (VMG) Concepts

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Vision, Mission, and Goals Proposal address the current dilemma that the healthcare industry is experiencing

1. Putting mechanisms to ensure the health of nurses

The pandemic has exposed the high demands of the profession to nurses who serve as the backbone of the healthcare system in the country. While it is a fact that risks come with all jobs, nurses are exposed to high levels of risks on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that there is a mechanism in place within the institution that will provide them with access to services they need to remain healthy will safeguard their physical, mental, and emotional health ensuring they remain fit to perform the tasks and responsibilities of the profession.

2. Supporting opportunities for professional growth

The constantly evolving healthcare needs require nurses to stay abreast of developments and new technologies related to healthcare delivery to ensure that they are able to meet these needs. It is undeniable access to new knowledge requires time and resources and with the high demands of the job, it may be extremely hard for nurses to avail these. However, the company supporting continuing education opportunities for nurses will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

3. Institute measures to encourage retention and encourage nursing applicants.

According to recent studies, one of the seriously concerning issues that nurses face at this time is burnout. The surging cases of COVID-19 infections put a lot of strain on the already depleted nursing population who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. With nursing shortage also becoming an alarming issue, it is important to have measures in place to keep the current workplace healthy and able to stand their positions while also encouraging nurses to re-enter the profession with programs that will help them re-enter the profession safely and effectively.

I totally agree with the recommendation of Yasmin Ortega that one of the best ways to address these issues is to keep the current workforce and get the nurses who have left the profession to come back by enticing them with a regular salary, benefits, proper protection, and hazard pay.

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