Personal Philosophies in the Main Concepts of Nursing

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A personal philosophy is a set of guiding principles that we live by. It influences everything from the words we say, to the steps we take. In Nursing, it is vital that nurses look into their inner selves and craft their own philosophies on the four main concepts of the nursing profession.

Person – Give the Best Possible Individualized Care

As the center of everything that we do, I personally believe that our patients regardless of age, sex, social standing, and healthcare setting require the best possible individualized care from us. I strongly believe that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in nursing because everything we do concerns a person who is unique in every aspect and with different health needs. I understand that there is some situation where what is ideal may not be feasible or what’s available may not be appropriate; this is why we should put in the effort to understand our patients and provide them the best possible care while maintaining respect for their individuality and meeting their health needs.

Environment – Must Promote Health & Prevent Diseases

As a significant contributor to the development of diseases, the environment must be managed to effectively avoid or control the development of preventable diseases or avoid complications if it’s already present. We must also put attention to advocating for a healthier environment.

Health – Nurses Must Empower Individuals to Take Care of Themselves

As individual practitioners, we are primarily responsible for health promotion and disease prevention. With the healthcare costs in the country constantly rising over the years while more and more people going under the poverty line, health promotion and disease prevention are more important than ever. We must take measures to equip the public with the knowledge on how they can keep themselves and their families healthy and avoid preventable diseases. We must provide information that is not only effective but is also relatable and culturally competent to ensure adherence.

Nursing – Must Constantly Adapt

Nursing focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of the people and due to multiple factors, these health needs continue to evolve. To ensure that we meet these needs, nursing must constantly adapt to these changes

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